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Floralytes are a unique method of providing decorative light for every occasion. Standard Floralytes and Submersible Floralytes provide vibrant light where open flame is not an option.
**There are two basic types of Floralytes: Standard and Submersible**

Standard Floralytes:  
    • one time use, disposable, non-replaceable batteries.
    • they stay lit for 24-48 hours.
    • Comes either as one-time use or with on-off switch.
    • Both are 7/8" wide x 1-7/8" long   
    • Available in 10 colors
                                            Floralyte I                          Floralyte II                             
                                          one time use                    has on/off switch
  • Submersible Floralytes:  
    • Multi-use, submersible, replaceable batteries.
    • The submersible comes in six styles. 
    • Versions I, II, and III are 1-1/2" wide x 1" high. 
    • The Sumix 1 & 3 have a remote control option
    • The submersible IX has a remote control option.
                     Submersible I                   Submersible II                         Submersible III
                     1 light, 10 colors               2 lights, white only                  1 light, 10 colors
                      steady on                          steady on                                  3 modes

Submersible Floralytes (Sumix) available with remote control option
                                       Sumix 1                            Sumix 3:
                                    1 light, 9 colors               3 lights, 9 colors
                                 remote control option         remote control option
                                    Submersible IX: 
                                    9 lights, steady on
                                         white only.
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