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12 White Submersible Flower light

Part Number: LEDSUBIwhite
12 White Submersible Flower light
12 White Submersible Flower light
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12+ $13.99
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White clear Submersible  LED flower lights are small, battery operated, and in some cases, remote controlled LED lights.
White flower lights while designed for the event and floral industry and used for weddings, corporate functions, and other special events, they work well for virtually any occasion such birthdays, quinceaneras, bar/bat mitzvahs or for just general decorating.

Interior designers, florists, ice sculpters, handicrafters, decorators, caterers, landscapers, party planners are just a few of the clientele who use flower lights to bring a glow to their creations.

Flower lights  can be used to illuminated water, crystal accents, deco beads, acrylic crystals and just about anything else transparent inside of floral vases. They work well in ice sculptures and centerpieces. Your imagination is the only limit. Floralytes are popular through-out the world as beauty has a common language.


Product Description: Size: 1-1/4" wide x 1" high

Has an on/off switch Includes 2 (CR2032) lead free  batteries which can be replaced Lasts 36-48 hours


Emits no heat

Unit cannot be used in food or beverage applications
This product is not a toy, advise caution when around children Note:

This light will not fit down the neck of an eiffel tower vase

Pricing for submersible I: 1-11 pieces: $1.69 12 and up pieces: $.69 each piece 

Maxell replacement batteries (each light requires two) sold individually:
1-24 batteries: $.57 ea. 25-299 batteries: $.49 ea. 300+ batteries: $.39 ea.

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