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  3. 3/8" Satin edge organza -25 yards CLOSE OUT

3/8" Satin edge organza -25 yards CLOSE OUT

Part Number: MOSE1
3/8' Satin edge organza -25 yards CLOSE OUT
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3/8" wide x 25 yards long
Organza with satin edge

3/8" satin edge organza ribbon is a type of decorative ribbon that is 3/8 inches wide and made of organza fabric.
Organza is a sheer, lightweight fabric often used in crafting and decorating due to its elegant appearance.
The satin edge refers to a satin trim along the edges of the ribbon, adding a smooth and glossy finish.
This type of ribbon is commonly used in gift wrapping, floral arrangements, DIY crafts, and clothing embellishments.

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