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Think balloons...think celebration, think party, think fun. There are numerous uses for balloons, and there are different sizes of balloons, but for the sake of this article, let’s think standard, 12 inch balloons.  When most people think of balloons, they think of helium, but not all balloons require a helium tank; some work better being inflated by an air tank.  Take those decorative balloon arches, for example.  If a balloon arch were to be inflated with helium, it would be a bear to hold securely on the ground. (Reminiscent of those rumors of a man who inflated enough balloons to lift himself and his lawn chair and transport them for some distance until he systematically popped the balloons, one at a time by shooting them with his rifle in order to lose altitude and to land.)  Well, that’s one creative use that should never become a fad.

Balloons can be used for a carnival-type party game, whereby words like “win” and “lose” are written on small strips of paper and then placed into uninflated balloons.  Once inflated, the balloons are mounted on a board, in a grid. A player is given darts or some similar projectiles to throw at the balloons with the intention of popping the winning balloons.

Another balloon decoration allows the expression of much creativity.  Using the corresponding balloon colors, an entire wall can be “painted” with balloons, much like the mosaic process.  The finished product could be a portrait or landscape, or something more impressionistic and modern.  Groups of balloons can be arranged to appear as everyday objects, and “feet” can be cut out of cardboard, leaving a small slit to the middle, where an inflated balloon is anchored and on which a funny face is drawn.  Makes conversation pieces from centerpieces.