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With the mention of tulle, the mind automatically pictures a ballerina, whose tulle tutu is the most prominent element of her attire.  Perhaps the second thought would be of tule as a centerpiece for a table, gathered in the center and fanning out.  Actually, while those are both good uses for tulle, there is no other textile fabric with so many uses as tulle.  While it’s great for decorative solutions, it is commonly used for interior design purposes, where elegance and a creative flair is implemented.

Tulle can be used in the garden, to protect plants from the damages caused from insects, birds rodents and other pests.  And when it comes to weddings, there can not be too much tulle used!  From wedding dresses and veils to wedding bows and sashes, tulle is the fabric that gives weddings the “look.”  Tulle can be used to cover reception room chairs to create elegantly swooping effects.

There’s nothing lovelier than a generous amount of tulle used as a canopy for a four poster bed.  When there are no posts available, tulle can be attached directly to the ceiling and draped in your choice of numerous methods to create a dramatic effect.  Tulle can be worn as an elegant evening shawl, and as it is available in a large variety of colors, you can add pizazz to that little black dress by simply draping different colors of tulle shawls around your shoulders.  Tulle can be used on undergarments to provide lift and poofiness where needed.

Tulle can be used in place of ribbon, to tie up presents in a distinctively creative fashion.  Tulle creates a dramatic effect when used for curtains, and it can be used to cover a plain lampshade, to spruce it up and give it new life. tulle can additionally be used in place of tissue paper, as a filler for gift baskets and boxes.  It can be draped behind a bed to create a faux headboard, and you can add miniature lighting to tulle, practically wherever you would decorate with it, for an extra dreamlike effect.

Small effects for hats, hair clips and other headwear are achieved by tule which has been gently gathered.  Really, the uses for tulle are endless.  It’s a fun fabric to play with, imagine with and decorate with.  Start small, and allow your mind to create, and before long, you’ll become a tulle aficionado!  it’s contagious!