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Tulle Smoke BlueWhen you're orchestrating an event, there's plenty to think about - advertising and/or invitations, schedule of happenings, decorating, possible catering, etc. Decorating can be, and tends to be, a potentially overlooked aspect of event planning. If you have a tight budget, you may not be able to spend large amounts on decorations. However, one fabric that can add an air of distinction to any event is tulle. 
What exactly is tulle? Tulle can take a variety of colors and sheens - for instance, a good summary is included on a wholesale site ( Tulle, specifically, is a fabric made of nylon. It's a fine netting and can be dyed easily, making it ideal for decorating at a variety of events. What can you do with tulle? Small cuts can be used for favors or even gift bags - the sheen makes it eye-catching, and its ability to be dyed means it can match a variety of color schemes. Tulle has some literary history - Emily Dickinson, in one of her famous poems, uses the line "my tippet only tulle." This line suggests that tulle is a light fabric. While it might suggest that tulle is too light a fabric to use as clothing in the chill air, it does suggest that, as a light fabric, tulle may well be ideal as a decorative fabric. 

In addition, tulle can be used as a wrap for tables, pews, larger decorations, etc. It adds color, shine, and an air of distinction to any event. Tulle is fairly affordable and can be ordered in a variety of cuts, some large enough to wrap a table. Tulle is especially attractive when ruffled - it catches light easily and adds particular beauty to any event. 

You can pick what kind of tulle suits your event best as well. Tulle is divided into types, which are primarily set off by shine level. For instance, the standard tulle, known as "nylon tulle," has only a slight sheen to it. This is good for subtle shine or a more matte look if you want something more muted. Crystal nylon tulle is the next step up in terms of shine - it has a glimmer/glitter effect with some shine, making it good for events that want to emphasize or at least include some sparkle. Glitter tulle is the shiniest. As the name suggests, it has an excellently eye-catching glittering effect. 

Tulle tends to be under-utilized as a decorative fabric because most people associate it with clothing and don't realize it can be used for decoration as well. While this is somewhat of a sad fact - tulle adds a lovely and distinctive flair to any event - it is a bonus for people who use tulle. As a decoration, tulle, has a positive shock value - people don't tend to see it decoratively, so it's a pleasant surprise when they do.It's an effective and relatively inexpensive way to dress up any event. 

Some events demand distinction. When you need to set your event apart from others, you need something that tells guests right away. Tulle makes a real statement. Grace your next event with this elegant fabric.