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Gingham plastic table covers

We have red and white & blue and white gingham tablecovers, tablecloths, table rolls,
banquet rolls and more.

High quality  blue and white and red and white gingham plastic banquet tablecloths, tablecloths.   Blue and red gingham is a classic pattern that has been around for ages.  With its distinctive checked pattern, you'll have a great look for your parties.

In addition to the red and white gingham and the blue and white gingham,
we have traditional checks in red and white, pink and white and black and white.

Gingham is very popular, particularly in the spring and summer with picnics.
It provides a festive party atmosphere to any event.

There are various sizes and styles available:

Both the gingham are available in:
80 inch round and a 82 inch round which will fit a 5 foot (60 inch) round table
54 inch x 108 foot tablecloth which will cover 6 foot or 8 foot banquet tables
40"x 100 foot banquet roll which will cover 12-6 foot tables or 10-8 foot tables

The red gingham is additionally available in:
60" Stay-Put elastic for 60" round tables
29"x 6' Stay-Put elastic for 6' banquet tables
30"x 8' Stay-Put elastic for 8' banquet tables

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