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If you can find a single person who doesn't like balloons, that's the first person to leave off your party's guest list. Nothing says "fun" like a brightly colored balloon. They are beautiful floating pieces of Americana, and while their invention may not be considered on par with the printing press or the internal combustion engine in humanity's history, they've certainly brought an equal amount of joy to the party. You can use balloons for virtually every occasion, and every occasion is made better because of it.

When it comes to the creative use of balloons to celebrate anything, and that is due to the versatility of the balloon itself. They come in all sizes, colors and shapes. You can take twist and tie balloons and with a few squeaky turns of the wrist, voilla! you have a dog, or a giraffe, or anything that your imagination can devise. When it comes to holidays, here are a few ideas/ For St. Patrick's Day, take a bunch of green twist and tie balloons and make floating four leaf clovers. It sure beats kissing a blarney stone. Feeling patriotic on the 4th of July? This one's easy...simply take the long skinny twistable balloons in red white and blue, and tie the bottoms together, creating USA flag fans. Valentines Day may have you thinking cute little pink heart balloons, but that's the conventional answer. Instead, make little balloon representations of Cupid's bow, scatter them throughout a party, and treat them like helium-filled mistletoe.

The key is in using quality balloons...make sure they are helium quality, even if you aren't using helium to inflate them. They have slightly thicker walls, and are more durable, which is a definite plus for party use. Additionally, use a balloon pump instead of blowing them up manually, and the task will not only go more quickly, but you won't have to worry about catching your breath when you're finished. The bottom line is this: You can look far and wide, but you'll never find any item that provides as many smiles, for as little money, as a few well-placed balloons.