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Party supply stores can carry all sorts of party supplies for any occasion. A lot of people like to buy party supplies for holidays, birthdays, graduations and other special occasions. Some of the holidays when party supply stores are the busiest include Halloween and Valentine's day. There are also online stores that sell party supplies with free shipping. Getting party supplies for a holiday can be expensive when the holiday rolls around. As such, a lot of people like to purchase their party supplies right after the holiday. Often times, party supply stores and general retail will do a severe markdown due to an overstock of certain things.

There are all kinds of party supplies that people like to use around the holidays. During Halloween, people naturally like to dress up in costumes. Costume shops sell a huge number of costumes year round. Costumes tend to change based on whatever is popular in culture at that time. Plenty of superheroes like Iron Man have seen a resurgence in costume popularity due to their prominence in today's culture. Props are an equally important part of these holidays. Props like paper skeletons at Halloween, and Christmas wreaths during the winter season could be considered party supplies.

During birthdays, people like to buy hats, streamers and banners. A great way to save money on birthday parties is to buy general colored balloons, hats and party streamers and use them year round. One really interesting party item is the trick birthday candle. It's fairly amusing to see someone try to blow out a trick candle, only to find that it keeps lighting up of its own accord indefinitely. Plastic utensils are common during parties. These can actually be washed and reused up to the point of them breaking. They can actually survive a surprising level of wear and tear. Some plastic plates can also be reused to save money.

Party supplies can also be made at home. A great home project for kids can be making a pinata out of newspaper and balloons that can be smashed to bits later. Of course, people also like to customize their party supplies. Some software lets people print decals and designs that they can put on everything from paper cups to wall decorations. These programs are also great for making party invitations and cards that are not only cost effective, but beautifully personalized for the occasion.