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Silk organza is, by far, the most delicate variation of silk available. Polyester and nylon organza are much more durable and while they behave like silk organza, they are washable and due to their versatility, it is able to use them in even more applications than ever before thought of.   Its sheerness comes from its fragile,  open weave, however it is stiffer and stronger than silk gauze.  With its smooth feel, it is a durable material, so you’ll see organza being used in a variety of ways for items like clothing, interior decorating and all sorts of accessories.

You will often see Christening gowns made of organza, and it makes a wonderful fabric to be used for undergarments, as it will not have a tendency to grab the overlying fabric.  It can be gathered to add fullness where needed, as well.

Organza’s use for wedding wear and wedding decorations is almost unlimited.  Whether it’s the bride’s gown or the dress of the flower girl, organza creates a lovely look, can be creased and feels soft to the skin, making it a great choice for wearable fabric.  Because organza is exceptionally strong despite it’s thinness, it is common to find embroidered and embellished silk organza curtains.  Since the material is stiff with a delicate look, it is perfect for shaping into flowers. Silk organza can also be used to create ribbons and bows that will hold up better than some other, less stiff fabrics.

At weddings, organza can be used for decoration at the reception.  The reception hall chairs can be draped with it, and bows tied in the back.  Because of its strength, little decorative items can be affixed to it without worry of it tearing.  Organza can be used to create special effects, when draped from windows and additionally on walls.

The mind is the limit to all the things you can do with organza.  The best thing is to play with it, getting to know the characteristics of it and it will quickly come to mind just where you’ll be able to use this versatile fabric.