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If you're responsible for planning a party, event or special gathering, you most likely have a lot of critical things on your mind. The last thing you really want to worry about is which tableware to use, so it's important to get that little detail wrapped up with as little effort as possible. First, let's assume that this isn't the sort of event that would require you to break out the fine china. You want to be able to use tableware that you can treat as "one and done," not just because the cost is significantly less, but because there are far fewer headaches involved when you go this route. Second, set the parameters for your tableware."

1) How many guests will be using the tableware? Ideally, you want to have at least 25 percent more tableware than the number of guests. This will cover you for the eventuality of some of your guests eating, throwing out the tableware used, and then come back later for more food, or another slice of cake.

2) What food and beverages are you planning on serving? This will determine which style of tableware to use. Small plates, larger plates, types of glasses for the beverage. etc...

3) What is the color scheme for your party? If you're using disposable tableware, you may as well class things up a bit by using tableware that matches up with the rest of the party's decor. These days, plastic tableware comes in virtually every color imaginable, so it won't be difficult to maintain your color palette.

Once that is done, you're ready to choose your tableware for the party. It's important to keep your costs down, because other aspects of the party are sure to suck up a healthy chunk of your party budget. Fortunately for you, disposable tableware can be extremely inexpensive. Finally, make sure to get everything set up at least 10-15 minutes before your first guest is expected to arrive, as you'll be way too busy entertaining your guests once they get there to worry about place settings.

By following those simple tips, your tableware will be a smash success, and hopefully, your party will as well.