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Thankfully, gone are the days of the beige tablecloth, the hunter green, the burgundy or plain white...with a bare selection of somewhat mismatched chairs… Gone, now, the days where a tablecloth was a tablecloth, ad infinitum.  Tablecloths have come out, and they are making incredibly creative statements.  Traditionally, tablecloths were made of linen, but over the years, event planners together with creative designers have broken through a time honored tradition to bring splashes of color, shapes and textures that explode life and vitality onto the scene of just about every wedding celebration. Gone are the somber receptions, to be replaced by frill, fun and whimsy.

Linens have stepped aside for tablecloth fabrics such as spandex, which, when stretched to cover a round pedestal table, imparts an almost futuristically muted fiberglass effect.  Add color and voila!  There are all kinds of textured tablecloths in varying depths and effects, from light wispy threads interwoven with tinsel to shaggy Rastafarian like pieces.  When combined and layered diagonally, they make a table pop. Sheer fabrics work well draped strategically on tablecloths as well as when suspended and hung over specific areas to provide a sense of closeness and to define the different spaces of a room.  Gathered or lain flat, romantic lace has become a lovely addition to grace the standard  array of popular tablecloth fabrics for weddings.

Give a good event coordinator your old tired chairs and he or she will in turn present you with a masterpiece chair collection, when given a tablecloth to creatively drape and cover each chair.  Loops can be cinched on the chair backs with 3D sculptures of the same (or varying) fabric,whatever your tablecloths are made of can be sculpted into such fancies as linen roses and fans, butterflies and much more. Tablecloth sculptures can be placed on tables, walls and more.  Origami meets fabric...And the sky’s the limit!