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When it's time to plan a birthday, many people become overwhelmed with all the different items sold at party stores and online. It's important to not overspend when planning a party and to stay within a budget. However, once people are in party stores and see all the great items for sale, things can get expensive rather quickly. There are a few key things one will need when hosting a birthday party.

If the party is for a child's birthday, it should be understood that children will make an enormous mess. Plastic or vinyl table covers are imperative when hosting a birthday party, especially a child's party. When setting a table for the party, choose a plastic tablecloth or table cover in a color that matches the party's theme and decor. This should be placed on the table first. Then, the other items can be added. Plates, cups, forks and a few little decorations are all one needs when setting a table. Once everyone is finished eating and socializing, the table cover can be removed in one easy step. The remaining dishes and items will also be removed with the table cover. It's an incredibly easy way to incorporate color into a birthday party, without having a lot of clean up afterwards.

No birthday is complete without balloons. Whether the party is for a child, teenager, or adult, everyone enjoys balloons. They are really inexpensive and another great option to use when decorating for a birthday party. Balloons are available in almost every color imaginable and can even be custom ordered with names, pictures, and ages. Latex balloons look really good in bunches. These bunches can be used to create a massive center piece for the table. Or, use balloons in bunches to create amazing accents all through the party's room.

A birthday party can be easily planned by choosing realistic items for the party's decor. Most birthday party supplies are disposable and inexpensive enough for just a one time use. It's easy to have a beautiful yet functional birthday party.