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Wire Cinderella pumpkin carriage GOLD

Part Number: WirecinderellaGOLD


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These gold wire Cinderella pumpkin carriages are made of sturdy wire and are a great idea for weddings, centerpieces, parties,
events, picnics, decorating and who knows what else. 

MEDIUM GOLD:     13" long x 7" wide x 13" high   Opening:  5"x 3-1/2"   $16.99 each  
LARGE GOLD:         discontinued

Due to variations by the manufacturer, sizes may vary slightly

Save 10% when buying 6 or more carriages.
One can assort sizes for the discount.

The front is open so you can insert decorations inside the carriage.

 There is plenty of open space and room on the Cinderella carriages to attach ribbons, flowers, and about any other decorative item one can come up with.

They will work wonderful as Cinderella or princess centerpieces. They are also great for debutante, sweet 16, Quinceaneras,

They are shipped assembled.  They are sold non-decorated.