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Wire gold pumpkin carriage

Part Number: PF220377
Wire gold pumpkin carriage
Wire gold pumpkin carriage
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This LARGE Gold ball pumpkin carriage made of sturdy wire is a great idea for weddings, centerpieces, parties, events, picnics, decorating and who knows what else.

SIZE: 9¾ x 6 x 11-1/4"

The top opens in half so you can decorate the inside.
The circular base inside measures approximately 4"

There is plenty of open space and room on this Cinderella carriage to attach ribbons, flowers, and about any other decorative item one can come up with.

This carriage will work wonderful as Cinderella or princess centerpieces. They are also great for debutante, sweet 16, Quinceanera, weddings

They are shipped assembled.  They are sold non-decorated.

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