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Styling Ideas for Weddings Using Table Cloths

Thankfully, gone are the days of the beige tablecloth, the hunter green, the burgundy or plain white...with a bare selection of somewhat mismatched chairs… Gone, now, the days where a tablecloth was a tablecloth, ad infinitum. Tablecloths have come out, and they are making incredibly creative statements. Traditionally, tablecloths were made of linen, but over the years, event planners together with creative designers have broken through a time honored tradition to bring splashes of color, shapes and textures that explode life and vitality onto the scene of just about every wedding celebration. Gone are the somber receptions, to be replaced by frill, fun and whimsy.
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Creative Uses for Balloons

Think balloons...think celebration, think party, think fun. There are numerous uses for balloons, and there are different sizes of balloons, but for the sake of this article, let’s think standard, 12 inch balloons. When most people think of balloons, they think of helium, but not all balloons require a helium tank; some work better being inflated by an air tank.
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