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Hot pink polka dot tablecloths and tableware are now in stock

Hot pink and white polka dot plastic table covers, banquet table cloths and more are now in stock.
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Off white ivory tablecloths are on sale

The best prices we've ever offered on plastic tablecloths. Due to a manufacturing dye lot mistake, we have these slightly pink-ish ivory tablecloths on closeout.
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Organza Bonanza!

Silk organza is, by far, the most delicate variation of silk available. Polyester and nylon organza are much more durable and while they behave like silk organza, they are washable and due to their versatility, it is able to use them in even more applications than ever before thought of. Its sheerness comes from its fragile, open weave, however it is stiffer and stronger than silk gauze. With its smooth feel, it is a durable material, so you’ll see organza being used in a variety of ways for items like clothing, interior decorating and all sorts of accessories.
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DIY Ideas Using Tulle

With the mention of tulle, the mind automatically pictures a ballerina, whose tulle tutu is the most prominent element of her attire. Perhaps the second thought would be of tule as a centerpiece for a table, gathered in the center and fanning out. Actually, while those are both good uses for tulle, there is no other textile fabric with so many uses as tulle. While it’s great for decorative solutions, it is commonly used for interior design purposes, where elegance and a creative flair is implemented.
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Red and white polka dot tablecloths and tableware are in stock

Now in stock: Red and white polka dot plastic table covers, banquet table cloths
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Yellow polka dot tableware is in stock

Plastic polka dot print table covers, table cloths, straws, napkins, plates, banners, balloons loot bags, gift bags. You can cover a 6 foot or an 8 foot rectangular banquet table with this yellow and white colored print banquet tablecloth .
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