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10 Natural pampas grass

Part Number: 25-0619nat
10 Natural pampas grass
10 Natural pampas grass

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10 stems/package
Natural Dry Pampas Grass
Height of each stem: 27"-30"
Natural color

***PLEASE NOTE: by purchasing this product you understand that:

- these do need fluffing once received
- these do shed as they are a natural plant
- These do not need to be watered, they are a dried plant
- Not one stem is the same.
- Since this is a natural product each stem is different

*To fluff:
-The best way to fluff your pampas grass is to place it in direct sunlight for 4-6 hours, then give them a little shake and they will become voluminous
-Some shedding will occur but it will fluff up.
-you can also put in a vase in your bathroom for a few days, the heat and steam from the shower will give the stems so much volume

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