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WHITE plastic tableskirt

Part Number: TSWHITE
WHITE plastic tableskirt
WHITE plastic tableskirt
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White plastic disposable recyclable and reusable table skirts for banquet and round tables. The white plastic table skirts come with an adhesive back and are pleated.
All you need to do is remove the covering and stick these table skirts to your table.

These white plastic tableskirts are 14' long and 29" high.
They can fit on either a round or rectangle table.

Need to completely surround your table with a skirt?

A listing is provided below allowing you to calculate the number of skirts required. Rectangle:
4 foot rectangle: 12' around, requires 1 tableskirt
6 foot rectangle: 16' around, requires 1-1/4 tableskirts
8 foot rectangle: 20' around, requires 1-1/2 tableskirts
10 foot rectangle: 24' around, requires 1-3/4 tableskirts

Round:   (5 foot, 60" diameter, round is the standard banquet table)
4 foot round: 12-3/4' around, requires 1 tableskirt
5 foot round: 19' around, requires 1-1/2 tableskirts
8 foot round: 25-1/4' around, requires 2 tableskirts
10 foot round: 31-1/2' around, requires 2-1/4 tablesk

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